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On this website, you will find a collection of some of the best Blackjack sites around. We put together this list after copious amounts of research. In fact, months upon months of extensive research. If you want to just dive into this list of the best Blackjack sites, then feel free. If you want to find out more about what we use to determine the best Blackjack sites, then read on.

Is the casino a member of the online Gambling Commission?

If the answer is no, then our search will stop here. There is no sense us looking at a website which is potentially unsafe to play on. We have respect for our website visitors and we do not want you to end up being ‘scammed’.

What Blackjack variants can you play?

best online blackjackThe majority of people out there just want to play bog-standard Blackjack. This is fine. However, from time to time, even those people may get a hankering for something new.

This is why we look for websites which have different Blackjack variants available. The more, the better. We also look at the minimum and maximum bet for these variants, just to determine whether they are worth playing or not.

Are there live betting options?

If you have never played a live game of blackjack before, then you are in for a real treat. Many online casinos have introduced ‘live games’. This is where you will be looking at a dealer on a webcam. They will then deal the cards before your very eyes. This is as close as you can get to the casino experience without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Are there other games?

Since you are reading this page on the best Blackjack sites, we are willing to wager that you are only really thinking about playing Blackjack right now. However, things can change. Once you have been bitten by the ‘gaming bug’, then you may want to see what else is available (please gamble responsibly!). We tend to favour websites which have a plethora of casino games available. The more, the merrier.

We also love online Blackjack websites which enable you to gamble on mobile devices. This gives you a bit more variety in the way in which you can gamble.

Gambling Bonuses

As you may well know, almost all online casinos nowadays offer gambling bonuses. This is the only way in which they can get people to play on their website. There will be several bonuses available. These are some of the most common on the best Blackjack sites:

Matched deposit: this is where the website will match your initial deposit, up to a certain amount. This is the most common of gambling bonuses as there is very little risk on the side of the casino, but it still manages to attract several customers.

Sign-up bonus: this is where you will be given money to play with on the casino, no questions asked (well, a few questions). You will normally have to play through your winnings a few times before you can withdraw it from the website.

In addition to this, many websites now offer ‘VIP’ programs. This is where they will give you rewards based on the amount you are gambling through their website and how long you have been signed up for. We must say, we absolutely love these rewards and they have a major role to play when it comes to our ranking of the best Blackjack sites.

This is because, in the past, online casinos didn’t really care too much about the customers that had already signed up. As sign-up bonuses became more and more popular and customers started to dart from site to site, these casinos needed to do something to keep people gambling with them. These VIP programs were the answer.

Gambling Sites Reviews: Sites Offering the Best Assortment of Blackjack Games

Finally, in addition to us going from website to website to see how it functions, we also look at similar reviews to ours online. We will use this to determine whether the site is great or not. It's important to play at the best gambling sites and since there are so many out there, why settle for something medicore? Exactly!

After all, if customers seem to be rating a website positively repeatedly, then it is probably going to be a good website. If the site is attracting a lot of negative reviews, then it is probably a website that you should be avoiding.

Why not go through our list of best Blackjack sites today? Each of them offers something completely different for the gambler, but each of them is brilliant in its own way.

Best Blackjack Sites October 2020

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

200 Bonus Spins

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

30 Bonus Spins + 2 Reload Bonuses Up to £1000

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

Wager Free

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

50 Bonus Spins

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

50 Bonus Spins

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

300 Extra Spins

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

US Players Not Accepted

25 Bonus Spins

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